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The Eagleye team represents a dynamic blend of expertise, seamlessly combining software mastery, mechanical engineering prowess, and exceptional business development acumen. This fusion of talent forms the bedrock of our proficiency in the realm of inventory scanning using drones. Our software experts possess a deep understanding of cutting-edge technology, ensuring that our drone-based solutions are powered by robust and innovative software systems. Their skill sets allow us to develop, optimize, and deploy the most advanced algorithms and applications for precise inventory scanning. Our mechanical engineers, on the other hand, bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in crafting the physical platforms that house our drone technology. Their meticulous attention to detail and creative problem-solving abilities result in drones that are not only efficient but also durable and reliable in the most challenging environments. Complementing these technical strengths is our business development team, which excels in identifying opportunities, establishing strategic partnerships, and fostering client relationships. Their market insights and strategic thinking enable us to navigate the complex landscape of inventory scanning solutions, ensuring our offerings meet the exact needs of our clients. Together, our team embodies the perfect synergy of skills required to excel in the field of inventory scanning using drones. We are dedicated to delivering innovative, efficient, and tailor-made solutions that redefine how businesses manage and optimize their inventory operations.

Mohammed Khalil

Chief Executive Officer

our CEO, leads our drone-focused business with visionary expertise.

Mohammed Ali Cherni

CMO and our Marketing geek

spearheads marketing strategies to elevate our drone brand's presence and reach.

Osama Latrech

CTO & Our Tech Savvy

drives innovation and technology advancements in our drone solutions.

Full control of your warehouses

Drive your warehousing business decision to the next level with one pit stop control over your data with AI asissted analytics and insights.

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