AI analyisis and packaging of data within the system and exported to a user friendly dashboard

Top-notch inventory reporting.

Eagleye Cloud is built to handle the most challenging tasks, allowing you to avoid the burden.

After data processing, we extract valuable insights from the collected data. The ultimate inventory reports are sent to your team through Eaglye Cloud, where they are automatically cross-referenced with your WMS.


This simplifies the management of your inventory, making it straightforward and precise. As a result, we can anticipate the number of boxes on a pallet by maintaining a digital model of your facility that mirrors its real-world layout. This expanded dataset empowers you to optimize your operations and enhance the precision of your inventory. You have the ability to examine inventory discrepancies and irregularities, no matter your location in the world, right from your desk.

Dashboard Demo

Instant access to cycle count information.

  • Continuously updated software.
  • Compatibility with various WMS systems
  • Convenient access to inventory reports
  • Effortlessly address inventory concerns from your workstation