Data is key

We are revolutionizing warehouse operations by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technologies to deliver unparalleled data-driven insights. Our innovative approach combines drone technology and artificial intelligence to reimagine how warehouses gain a comprehensive understanding of their inventory. Our mission is clear yet ambitious: to provide warehouses with precise and data-driven insights, optimizing operational efficiency and decision-making. Through the perfect synergy of drones and AI, we offer accurate and real-time data that empowers warehouses with the ability to make informed decisions, enhance productivity, and streamline their entire inventory management process. With a commitment to minimizing manual efforts and maximizing the power of data, our solution transforms warehouses into smart, data-centric hubs, ensuring they stay agile and adaptive in the dynamic landscape of modern logistics.

Service on demand

On-demand drone precision: Instant inventory insights delivered

Artificial Intelligence

Unlocking efficiency with AI-powered barcode and QR code scanning, analysis, and seamless data integration

Reliable insights

Accurate analysis to obtained data , stored , compared and gerated reports based on pallet status easily accessed through your dashboard

Full control of your warehouses

Drive your warehousing business decision to the next level with one pit stop control over your data with AI asissted analytics and insights.

Process pipeline

Phases of our process are divided into two : Manual ML model feeding & Automated flight using pretrained model


Layout Observation

Drones scan the layout of the warehouse


The AI will perform route analysis and store all paths in the cloud


Schedule counting cycles and let the automated process take place


View results on dashboard and make decisions

Who We Are

As of now, our company, established in 2021, is in the initial phase of manually providing inventory tracking services on demand. We specialize in automating warehouse inventory through a strategic combination of state-of-the-art drones and cutting-edge artificial intelligence, paving the way for fully-automated cycle counts in the future. Our current focus is on offering a cost-effective, accurate, and secure method for data-driven insights that help streamline efficiency and promote cost-effective business growth.

During this phase, we manually collect data from warehouse racks using our drones. This data is streamed to a control station, where it undergoes processing and is then securely stored on our cloud servers. This cloud-based storage ensures accessibility, reliability, and seamless integration with the customer's Warehouse Management System. This manual service is essential as it helps us gather enough pallets and miles data to feed our AI model, a crucial step in preparing for the upcoming automated flight phase. Please note that we don't provide traditional inventory management but rather data-driven insights to assist in optimizing operational efficiency and facilitating cost-effective business growth.

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